Ellison Became the Avenging Angel of Jobs

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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has always been known as an outspoken and even a little arrogant man. He always has repeatedly made the surprising things.


However, when he appeared in court as an important witness for the case of Oracle (ORCL) prosecuting Google (GOOG) this week, perhaps he himself was startled. Oracle claimed that the Google’s Android software had infringed several intellectual property of Oracle. As a result, Ellison inadvertently became the avenging angel of his deceased friend and Google founder Steve Jobs.


Many people remember that Steve Jobs once talked about a lot of words with his own biographer Walter Isaacson before his death. One of the conversation paragraphs that he behaved intense is related to Google. He talked about how Google’s Android copied the features of Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone and iOS software. Steve Jobs once took an oath devoutly that he would “destroy Android”, because the latter is “a stolen product”.


“If necessary, I will spend my whole lifetime and I will spend every penny of the $ 40 billion of funds in Apple’s bank account to correct the error.” Jobs stressed to Isaacson, “I will not hesitate to initiate a nuclear war for this.” He did not hesitate to spend all Apple’s cash for this.


So far, however, Apple itself has never sued Google, but has prosecuted several hardware partners of Google, like HTC and Samsung, etc., alleging that they infringed Apple’s hardware patents.


In fact, Ellison is stirred up his own ambition by iPhone. Ellison may indeed be a good friend of Steve Jobs, but he apparently never will give up the legitimate business competition. On Tuesday, in federal court, he told a lot of testimony that shocked many people, saying that as early as in 2009, Oracle had been considering entering the market of smart phones. Their intention was to acquire Research In Motion Ltd. (RIMM) or the Palm, which eventually became the object of Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) but has now been destroyed.


Oracle’s conclusion is that the acquisition of RIM is too uneconomical. RIM’s share price is now only 10 U.S. dollars, but in 2009, the minimum stock price of it was more than U.S. $ 30, and even reached a maximum of more than U.S. $ 80. Although in hindsight, it is now cannot be said that Oracle’s judgment is not correct.

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Ellison Became the Avenging Angel of Jobs

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Ellison Became the Avenging Angel of Jobs

This article was published on 2012/04/23