Successful Secrets of Steve Jobs

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Why do we admire Steve Jobs? I believe that Steve Jobs must be one of the most invaluable and priceless name in the world. It is not only because that he was the CEO of the Apple, of course there are several other reasons for his popularity. This article will share the reasons of Steve's secrets of success, that's also why he is admired and respected by most people. 

1. Except for the sales of the worldwide-known computers, product designing and marketing planning are also included in the business categories of the Apple. Steve had some designing lessons about cars. He learned the designing points of comfort, materials and colors so that the products can attract the customers' attention.

2. In fact, Steve is a completist, who is cautious to deal with every step of one task. He is not afraid of making mistakes, instead, he just wants to complete every task with a perfect consequence. 

3. It is easy for Steve to employ the excellent and smart people. He is a charming leader who can attract others to work with his group. Steve keeps getting acquaintance with the excellent and being responsible for the interview of his group instead of delivering the interview task to others.

4. "Change the world"is one of Steve's ideas. He tries to concern about details. For instance, he attends every meeting about developing products, designing softwares and other issues related to commercials and so on. 

5. Steve is always concerned about the user experience and the application of the end-to-end system. Ipod is a good example to exemplify that. Steve, unlike other designers of other companies who pay more attention the design of the products, care more about the user experience issues.

Almost everyone speak highly of Steve Jobs. Some people said he was the miracle in modern business area, some people treat him as the God, and some people mentioned no one could keep abreast of Steve Jobs' accomplishments any more, or at lease in one century. Although he was not the youngest billionaire in the world any longer, the most generous man and he was not the greatest master of business management, however, he possesses a lot of followers and fans. Steve Jobs has become the symbol of innovation. Few young men are endowed with the good qualities and abilities of Steve. Besides, he is full of passion and enthusiasm to make the change. Steve, this special man is always devoting himself to innovations and creations to change the world and people's life to a better one.

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Successful Secrets of Steve Jobs

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This article was published on 2010/11/18